WHO AM I - About Heike


I used to believe much more that I know it all. With my fast mind I would very quickly come up with "perfect" solutions for basically everything...  Today I relax much more into the space of not-knowing - it´s freeing and much more expansive. At times the key around clarity is being aware of where I am currently unclear and disconnected. From there - unknown new possibilities open up. I learn to trust.

It is my passion to support the shift from a fear-based culture of lack to an aware and trust-based culture of abundance, love and connectedness. Let´s become conscious global citizens who care and act from embodied clarity.

With clarity I DON´T mean set and static concepts of the mind, those are not doing the trick for me anymore. I am talking about a "Clarity-in-Motion", it moves, is alive, and possibly different from moment to moment. It requires constant listening and awareness. My mind does not like that, cannot grasp that. For the longest time my mind attempted to keep me safe by remaining in control and by figuring it all out - exhausting - and an illusion anyway.

So let´s face it. It´s a free-fall experience. Once that´s clear, we can relax and enjoy the ride!


And here - part of - my story:

I grew up in Germany loving trees, horses and circus arts. After finishing my Masters Degree in Educational Science I travelled the world and discovered a whole new universe beyond my mind after my first 10-day Vipassana meditation retreats in India - it was mind-shattering - and life-changing!

During these travels I also met my spiritual teacher Taro Gerritsen in beautiful Thailand - she for decades again and again facilitated awareness and clarity for me in places where I would get lost and trick myself - total straight talk, cutting through the shit - lots of gratitude from my end!

During my 15-year stay in San Francisco I discovered "Tapping", the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as a tool for transformation and initially tapped the heck out of myself... Then, 2009 opened my ReleaseIntoPeace practice as an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting (MR) Practitioner.

I also worked for the National Outdoor Leadership School as a Lead Instructor for Outdoor Adventure Expeditions.  Extended trips into the wilderness, expeditioning through the mountains -rain or shine- in Canada and the US for me opened up another gateway to God and the Beauty of Being.

Having children made me a “family manager” - studying Yoga kept me sane. We returned to Germany, Hamburg 2012 - and I continued serving my clients locally and worldwide via Skype in my ReleaseIntoPeace Coaching Practice, offering both individual sessions and a variety of workshops aimed at increasing awareness and unfolding our potential of co-creating a conscious and caring we-culture.

Working for the contemporary spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl I was deeply emerged in the study of Mystical Principles that facilitated another deepening of my own healing and transformation.

I am now offering my own work - supported by a variety of great tools and methods that I pull out of my tool box as needed.

Want to know more? Questions? Contact me here!