Daring To NOT Be Perfect - An EFT-Tapping Sequence with Heike

Way too much effort attempting to be good and getting it right at all times. I´ve long ago gotten tired of that one. How about you?

How about giving up this exhausting idea of needing to be somebody extra special and continuously having to prove that to anybody, their dog and myself? And instead just simply and honestly being and showing up as how you are - in all your perfect imperfection, "real"? 

I went for a walk in the forrest to create this short tap-along-with-me-video around this topic for you - hope you enjoy! 

I love daring to be real - more and more. Deeply freeing ...

Enjoy tapping!

A EFT-Tapping sequence around the belief of „I am not good enough" and the exhausting attempt to be good at all times. Invitation to celebrate perfect imperfection!