On Intimacy

I wrote this poem a couple of years ago. Initially - it felt too intimate to share. Now - it feels okay. To me - writing these poems as they arise are part of quite a magical and powerful process of manifestation. A couple of years after this poem came through me with such a depth of longing - the answers have been and still are arriving. In many different ways, different encounters and insights. Moments and journeys, together. 

Seems like by simply opening up to my longing - I am somehow mysteriously already being received, heard. Deepening and opening happens, in its very own rhythm. Feeling grateful for - ultimately - getting more and more intimate with myself - and with that - you, the world.

And here - the poem:

pexels-Intimacy tree.jpg

On Intimacy 

Heike Prevrhal, 2015

The other day, I had a longing. 

Such a natural longing – and I barely dared to express it. 

I wanted to be touched, deeply. A longing for intimacy. 

Giving myself permission to be deeply sensitive, receptive and vulnerable.

And to show up with that, too. To meet the other naked. 

This can be taken literal – or in the sense of taking off all masks, 

meeting the other directly, in the moment. 

Being there, straight, with whatever comes up. 

It scares me! And to stay, right here, despite shakiness and fear, not shying away.

Daring to meet, speaking from it, to listen to and follow the impulse of the moment, 

in conscious connection, with everything, that is.


To allow, to endure the mighty power of the Love that can hit when we really meet each other. 

To give myself permission to receive that love, be that love. 

To not close my eyes and move away, 

when I can barely handle the intensity of this intimacy, 

emotionally, physically, sensually, sexually, spiritually - transpersonal.

For now, I am in love, I am Love.

Touching you, meeting, face to face, the divine in you with my own divinity. 

Staying here, including everything. 

Seeing through your eyes into my own divinity. 

Deeply intimate, on all levels, and possibly not even personal at all...

That´s what I want to dare, more and more. That´s where my desire burns. That´s what I am curious to explore.


Would you be willing, would you dare showing me your beautiful face?