All My Colors


All Of Me



I want you -

I want you to find the places where I am hiding and not let me get away with it.

I want you to keep your fingers - right there - where I learned to play it safe.

Would you stay with me, right there, in the heat of the fire, and at the edge of the frozen ice?

I want you to not shy away from anything.

I want myself to not shy away from anything.

I long for allowing and experiencing myself in those places, too. 

I love trusting and daring to not be easy on you. 

I love not holding back - while not knowing where I am going.

Opening those doors.

A fresh breeze - the smell of Spring flowers, salty water, and fire. 

Blood pulsating in my vessels. Ecstacy of being alive. 

BEING, being me - with you. 

Let´s play!


I want to confront you - with all that I am. 

I invite you to do the same. It delights me. 


And I do know: all of the above - it´s on me. 

And yet - to see myself fully I need the reflection of me in you and the world - so I get to see in the places where I am blind. 


I want to allow all of myself. 

I want show up fully and see you, too.


Love, Heike

P.S: Rosel - thank you for the incredibly rich and colourful body paint weekend - the work you do, - and even more so - how you do it, is a pure joy to experience! 


Bodypainting and photography by Rosel Grassmann: