Still Working or Already Playing?

Let´s Have Play-Days!

The other day I met up with my friend and project partner Jan for another work-day. What if we began to officially start calling our “work-days” “play-days”? Because really, that´s what it´s all about: Finding out how to create from joy, ease and connection, instead of pushing through and working hard to accomplish something, regardless of the level of inspiration or energy in the moment.

The Old Way: No Pain No Gain?

But then my own old conditioning pops up – how can I justify that my husband and Jan´s wife need to watch the kids today – sure, for some serious work that seems okay, but just because I am having a potentially very fun play-day with Jan? As if somehow in my brain “important” is connected to hard work, instant results, at least some stress and suffering, and – beware! – please not too much pleasure and fun! As if it at least has to hurt a little bit to be of value…

Guess that´s what we learned in school. 8:00am, History is on the schedule – who cares if I am feeling completely enthusiastic about climbing a tree – if it says “History”, that what I had to deal with. We learned to simply accept that, like it or not, regardless of maybe missing a precious sunny day outside. The more “successful” I stuck it out, the better my grades – so at least, hopefully, some external reward and recognition to gain for something I didn´t really enjoy in the moment.

Done that, working hard. I sure learned how to get a job done, how to check off  items on my to-do-list, and how to successfully complete what somebody else told me to do. And: It is not anymore how I want to contribute, how I want to bring my projects and my love into the world.

How can I cultivate creating from my deepest inner inspirations? How do I even get access to that? Nobody ever taught me that one at school. I will find out as I continue exploring this - and I will keep you posted!

Walking The Dogs, Picking Herbs – What´s Needed Right NOW to Create From Inspiration?

During this play-day we walked the dogs. Jan picked some herbs on the way home – I could see how that lifted his energy. Great – I was inspired by receiving the delicious healthy drink he made out of the herbs  – it lifted my spirits. A good place to start from to brain-strom on some topics. Inspiring ideas, taking some notes, laughter. For a while. And at some point somebody is noticing that the energy is going down. Instead of continuing, because we weren´t done yet – we allow for a pause, a checking in, what´s needed.

The Art of Flowing from Not-Knowing to Clarity of The Next Step

It can be easy – maybe all we need is moving away from the desk to the garden, there are some swings to sit on, and a bit of Summer sun to catch – it might just do the trick. It might be a cup of tea, food or a break. Maybe the body needs to get moving: Put on your favorite song and dance or shake your body! Maybe a shift of gears, a different approach or a different topic that is calling for attention. Some emotional needs? It might be that simply reestablishing connection is what´s being called for. I might need a hug, some physical touch to relax into.

Sometimes we sit in silence looking at each other in kind of a meditative way. This  can be a very special and great way for me to sort myself out, to feel what´s going on, what I need, to return from doing to Being. Receiving the gift of presence from my project partner, this masculine quality of simply witnessing and being present allows me to relax, soften - and and with that really tap into the richness of my feminine power, my creativity and intuition, my joy and playfulness. I for sure will write about this in more detail another time!

Sometimes after a few minutes of silent connecting, something in the space clears, and often a space of a potent, creative „not-knowing“ opens up – and suddenly, something becomes clear – energy and inspiration return. All of a sudden it´s crystal clear what the next step is. Feels great, those moments of clarity after bearing with the walking in the fog…

I love it when that happens, when somehow I am open enough to give myself to the flow of where the energy wants to move. I´ve also noticed – many times – that each time I actually are in touch with where the energy moves, and I follow it, good stuff seems to happen, actually, magic grows from it, in all kinds of small and big ways – that´s the kind of magic I want to co-create with!

Old Voices In My Head – And Letting them Be!

The control freak in me does not like the fact that creativity and inspiration can be invited, maybe even cultivated (that´s what we are working, no, -wait!- PLAYING on) – yet never can be forced or controlled. So at times I might get impatient. I might get scared. I might buy into some of the thoughts playing in my mind, trying to put me under pressure, those doubting voices that somehow at some point I allowed into my head: “This is not enough, you are not good enough just like this – you have to work harder”, “You have to produce and do something right now”. And this one: “You have to know what you are doing, you have to have good reasons for it, too!” - Screw that one, too!  It´s good to notice these “old friends” trying to slow me down, trying to keep me safe by playing into my fears; but I am ready to move on, to play bigger, to trust way deeper, to more and more learn dancing with these fears, and dance with life all together – and I am so glad about play mates and dance partners joining in – helping me to figure out and become more fluid in this more playful way of contributing to the game of life alltogether.

Let´s Create a Different Game From That Place of Joyful Play

Can I invite you in, are you ready to learn dancing, too? Including all the stumbling it takes when we learn to dance? Standing up, again and again, laughing, crying, trying again – and appreciating the aliveness of it all?

We know how to create a big mess out of fear and pressure – we just need to look at the current state of affairs in the world. What if we embrace and cultivate creating from a space of trust, joy and connection? I am curious what kind of world we are able to create from that place of love …

Maybe we can create a different game. Do you want to play? Let´s play!