One Of My Super-Powers Is Courage -Let’s Dare To Openly Make Mistakes, Take Risks And Fail - So We Can Shine, Too!

Often we hold back our gifts out of fear of failure and being judged. So what if somebody you care about does not like what you are up to? Yes - if playing it safe  is your priority - better don´t step it up. `Cause guess what - I can guarantee you - whatever you do, and however you go about it - for sure there will be someone who disapproves.

And yet: How about our holding back is even a kind of stealing - do you really want to continue withholding your brilliance and gifts from the world - maybe even miss out on finding out for yourself, what they are - just to stay safe?

Please do show up! Fully! I want to see you shine! I believe it´s time for all of us to step onto the scene of life more fully, to discover and share our super-powers and to contribute authentically!

And for this - we need courage. I am courageous. It´s one of my gifts to share and bring to you. We need to give ourselves and each other premission to make mistakes, to try, fail, stumble - sit in the dirt - and get up again. Like a little kid learning to walk.

And to be witnessed in that, too. Feeling the shame. The pressure to perform. Once you are able to stay - right there, with all of it - a new kind of freedom opens up!  

No more pretending we have it all figured out - and still going for it - let´s play, take ourselves less serious - and enjoy! ....


See me? Ups! ...

I believe only when we give ourselves that permission, and compassionately support each other in that - only then - we learn to truly fly!

... individually ...

... individually ...

... and as a team!

... and as a team!

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So now, please do let me know - how have you failed recently? When did you feel excruciating shame recently? And what did you take away from that experience?

I´d love to hear your comments on this!

Love, Heike