The Taste Of Change


The taste of change - caterpillar to butterfly - how does that work?

Something that has been - coming to an end.

The beginning of something new, that I have not fully grown into yet.

The freshness, the excitement of that, inspiration, aliveness.

And the big un-known. Letting go. The grief of something being over, a place of no return.


What is this change is about? Somewhere there is a deeper knowing and readiness. A "yes". A need and longing to let go of all that is not real. Like seriously letting go. Beloved beliefs and concepts - that for the longest time have provided a safety structure to become who I am today.

And now - checking it out. Testing it. Rattling the cage, opening the doors.

What is still serving me - and the greater good? 

Ready to move on. To step deeper into the river. To surrender - to something way bigger than me. What is true and real, what is the essence of it all, beyond ideas and concepts of the "me-I-my".

Beyond of who I think I am. Who am I?


It´s been a pleasant caterpillar life. Leafy greens, a good life.


And then there is the taste of flying, of growing wings.

Maybe, most likely - they have been there all along. Patiently waiting - for "me", to finally trust.

To butterfly - caterpillar has to let go of nothing less but everything.

Are you ready?

Today I am aware of this edge again.

This threshold between “the Old” and “the New”.

One does not do it anymore. The other not yet fully emerged.

And here I am - mustering the courage to embrace no-where-land,

with not much to hold on to.


Making friends with it.

The space - in between.

I breathe it in. Breathing happening. I am being breathed. Breath.

Fresh air.

                                                               Ready to fly?

                                                               Ready to fly?