Connecting in Being

Can we BE together?

Can we meet, beyond our ideas, concepts and agendas of each other? 

Beyond our differences and shields of protection - and all that seems to keep us separate? 

Where is that mutual space, where we can meet and Be,

where we can only begin to truly share and freely play? 

What does it take, to finally trust that possibility, despite all the veils of projection and pain of the past?

I long for you, for me to Be together. 

I am looking for you, beyond my story of you - and me. Curiosity. 

I am looking for what is alive, beyond my expectation of you - and me.

An alive-in-the-moment you and me - whatever that might be.

Here I am - and I long for Being with you.

Consciously Being together,

recognizing each other as parts of the One.

And in that longing - I trust.

With Love to all of you ❤️,



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