"Splitting-Up" Or A "Relationship Changing Form"? Experiences Around Conscious De-Coupling

Just back home from a weekend that blew me away. Three days with my husband and two friends of ours, a couple that was in the midst of splitting up.

When intimate love relationships end, it often can involve a lot of drama.

And it does not have to be that way. At the end of the weekend, with enough caring eyes and awareness all of us experienced an almost tangible increase of Love and Trust within the field of the four of us, AND between each of us - despite the process of “splitting-up”.

This is not the first time I am witnessing and supporting situations like this. Quite honestly, recently I´ve been blown away by the amount of mutual healing and growth that can happen, when partners have the guts and capacity to embrace conscious de-coupling and open up to the appropriate changes in the form of the relationship, instead of instantly or totally cutting off contact, or going into judging and blaming.

I am sharing personal experiences here that I was able to witness close-up and that I found deeply inspiring. And I´d also loooove hearing about your experiences and insights around this topic in the comment area below the youtube!

Wishing you all tremendously alive connections - coupled or not!

Love, Heike!