Despite It All - Joy Is Shimmering Through 


Despite It All, Joy Is Shimmering Through…

A couple of days ago this poem miraculously resurfaced at my desk. Right after having been on the streets for Global FridayForFuture. I actually wrote it a week before Christmas. But nonetheless, somehow it seems appropriate - today!

Despite It All - Joy Is Shimmering Through 

It’s a week before Christmas. This morning my train to work was delayed because somebody committed suicide on the tracks. 

A celebration of Love and Light -and consumerism!- as the shortest days of the year approach.

There is darkness, too. 

I am teaching German in a room full of immigrants, many of traumatized by the impact of war in their home countries.

Some of my colleagues in the teachers lounge feeling stressed, complaining about - something. 

Countries at war, climate change getting out of control, and discontent despite living a comfortable life - what’s going on, and what’s needed? How can we relate? How can we participate, care, and not look away? 

At times it all feels too much, a sense of „what can I do?“ might come up.

And at the same time something in me remains incredibly hopeful and positive, despite it all. 

“It’s too late”,  “there is nothing we can do”, they will never change” — ??

I feel as if almost within reach, just slightly out of sight there are new and unthought of possibilities waiting for us to evolve. To wake up. 

So much of what is happening worldwide can only happen by believing in separation and buying into fear and lack. 

What if there actually is enough? 

What is we actually are way more connected to everybody and everything than our mind can grasp? 

As if I am receiving glimpses through the veil. A different taste. An unknown abundance. A growing trust. 

And with that - Hope, and an incredible amount of Caring - and Love.