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All pieces of the puzzle are unique. And so are you. In a specific place, each piece just perfectly fits and belongs as an integral part of a much bigger intelligent picture.

Conscious Community and We-Q: An ever moving, breathing, alive and dynamic puzzle. All of us - an integral part, already. Let´s recognize our individual qualities - and call upon them based on the need of the moment, so a Higher Intelligence can move and express itself though us and contribute to a safe, life-affirming and joyful world for all.

Below you will find some resources I deeply value as they can support us in co-creating a more conscious global community to better address today´s challenges.

Contact me with your ideas and inspirations - with lots of Caring & Love, Heike!


Conscious Global Connection & Caring



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The Power of Community: Climate Change and Consciousness presented by the Global Ecovillage Network

Power of Community: Climate Change and Consciousness - Friends from the Global Ecovillage Network recently organised a powerful online summit with over 30 speakers. It really had an impact on my community and me personally - and their, our work will continue. I love supporting community coming together around this urgent topic and wholeheartedly invite you in. Even though the summit is over, all interviews are still available for a very reasonable price as a “Summit Package”. For more information, please sign up here: Power of Community Climate Change and Consciousness.

This Summit-Package is just right for you if...

  • You are seeking inspiration and hope for the future facing today’s climate crisis.

  • You want to join others in right action by creating hubs of consciousness worldwide.

  • You want to reduce your carbon footprint while connecting with thought leaders worldwide.

  • You have a busy schedule and limited extra time.

  • You believe in the power of community, but you don’t really know where to start building or you want more tools to connect more deeply.

  • You sense at a deep level that solutions are urgently needed to regenerate our planet.

  • You want to join an established network of living laboratories catalysing multidimensional sustainability today.

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Inspired by the network of the trees.

Deeply rooted, interconnected and expanding toward the light, branches touching