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Legal customer information on Meridian Tapping Techniques  (Emotional Freedom Technique & Matrix Reimprinting) 
For legal reasons I would like to point out that the use of Meridian Tapping  Techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting (MR) supports balancing the human energy system and releasing existing blockages. The offered methods are applied for activating the self-healing powers of the body and are supporting energetic release.  They are not meant to replace any
medical, psychiatric or clinical-psychological therapies that may be necessary.

Since I, Heike Prevrhal, am neither a doctor nor an alternative practitioner, no diagnoses, therapies, treatments in
the medical sense are carried out by me or otherwise, no medicine is practiced in the legal sense. EFT/MR can, must
and will never replace a doctor, psychologist, alternative practitioner or psychotherapist. Ongoing treatments should not be interrupted or discontinued. Nor should any treatment necessary in the future be postponed or omitted altogether. Prescribed medication must never be
discontinued without consultation with your doctor. Persons undergoing medical, psychiatric or psychotherapeutic
treatment should discuss their participation with their doctor or therapist in advance.

Energy work can also be provided after diagnosis and in consultation with your doctor.
The responsibility for all these decisions lies entirely with the client.

Although Meridian Tapping Techniques like EFT and MR seem to have promising benefits for mental, emotional and physical
health, these techniques have not yet been fully explored by Western academic, medical and psychological associations and are therefore still in the developmental stage. The extent of the effectiveness of  Tapping Techniques as well as the risks and disadvantages are not yet fully known.

The reader hereby agrees to assume full responsibility for all risks of participation in the offers made on this website and to handle the information presented on his own responsibility. 

The reader understands that when using EFT/MR, occasional emotional or physical sensations or additional
unresolved memories that seemed forgotten may surface and be perceived as negative side effects or
reinforcements of a conflict. This can still happen after using EFT/MR. It means that further problems should be
addressed. You are and will remain responsible for your personal well-being and understand that I, Heike Prevrhal,
make no promises of cure and make no warranties, guarantees or predictions regarding the outcome with EFT/MR
for any particular topic. 

I hereby expressly point out that a thoroughly qualifying training is the prerequisite for the own application of EFT/
MR, and for applying it with others.

The Federal Constitutional Court decided on March 2, 2004 (AZ. 1BvR784/03) in favor of the healers: "Whoever
activates the self-healing powers of the patient and does not make a diagnosis does not need an alternative
practitioner's permit". See also:


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