Times of rapid change - looking for something to hold on to? Forget it.

To trust in free-falling

Reconnect to your innate clarity 


With awareness and fully being with what actually is right now, things become clear out of the movement of the moment, again and again.

I support you in reactivating your inner compass - step by step:

With awareness, presence and the highly effective Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT-Tapping) transformation and self-empowerment happen in a safe and deeply caring space.

I am here. For You.


I don´t promise a quick fix. At times it might take all your courage. Yet if you are ready to show up: I am there with you - to cheer you along or kick your butt - whatever it takes for YOU! For possible next steps click here.



  •  identify your specific next steps to activate your inner compass 
  • connect way more deeply and more lovingly to all levels within yourself
  •  increase awareness, release energetic blocks, limiting beliefs and old pain
  •  get empowered by accessing a Higher Intelligence 
  •  take off your habitual masks to authentically be you
  •  learn how to joyfully and consciously co-create from the essence of who you really are - with Clarity!

And who am I? If you want, you can read more about me here. Or simply contact me and we will find out together why you want to know.





"Heike - is like a tree; with the capacity to grow roots deeply into the soil of the human condition and growing steadily by drawing up the pain, the laughter, the braveness and beauty it finds."                      

Sven, Germany

“Our relationship had been simmering on low heat for way too long. Heike supported us in daring to show up in a new way, in becoming connected, intimate and vulnerable with each other. Our relationship now feels so much more alive and fulfilling - thank you!!"
Dörte Brügmann & Uli Rother, Germany

"Heike´s strong intuitive sense, wisdom, compassion, and empathy facilitate profound insights and breakthroughs in our sessions. I feel absolutely safe, supported and genuinely cared for. I noticed immediate results that are making a permanent positive transformation in my life possible."

Zoe, USA

"Heike is very good. For me the best healers are the ones who do the work on themselves first and from there help others. You have done the work on yourself. You have a very good radar system and you can tune into people very well. You are a warm caring person and you can give to people out of overflowing. With love from Taro."
Taro Gerritsen, Holland

“A superpower of Heike is clarity – somehow things become clear to you when she listens to you – the way she listens clears me.”
Anna Maria Wojtyga, Berlin, Germany

"My problem was insomnia. I contacted Heike. The one hour session worked and I am able to sleep again. Great!"
Ilka, USA

"Wow, I had my first session with Heike and it was so incredible… Heike is an amazing professional and in one hour she has led me to understand so much of my personal patterns in the last.... 20 years. What amazed me the most is her expertise in supporting you to go where it hurts and helping you get out of that pattern. You are never alone, she is present with you and she is wonderful. I am a big fan!
I am sending Heike all my friends as I truly believe she is able to help in many ways many different individuals. Really, book your appointment with Heike, this is the best gift you can do to yourself (and I have tested many other different techniques!)."
Catherine K., France

"I have noticed improvement tremendously! I woke up this morning feeling more calm than I usually am before big exams. I cannot thank you enough. I've completed 3 exams today. I have one more test left and still feel great. I don't feel defeated, I have confidence and know that I am doing my best and that's all I can do. Thank you again Heike. Such an imperative tool that I now have in my life."

"Some day the medical profession will wake up and realize that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses. When they do, tapping will be one of their primary healing tools… as it is for me. I frequently use EFT for my patients with great results."  
Eric Robins, MD, Board Certified Physician, USA

"Hi Heike, wow, thank you for this thoroughly entertaining, beautifully written account of your use of EFT with your son! This is an exceptional example of the power of EFT and how it can help children clear very deep issues that may otherwise go unnoticed. It is also an excellent lesson in staying present and going with what comes up, which allowed Anton to express his hurts and traumas from his perspective. I absolutely loved how the simple act of tapping on him unlocked his own creative solutions that led to his healing. As a parent you did an excellent job in facilitating this process. I do hope this story reaches and encourages many parents to try EFT with their children. Well done!"
Link to the article this testimonial refers to
Angie, Australia

“She has been such a wild hair in my ass over and over - and yet so rewarding; so deepened my intimate relationship to myself and to her. I love her with all my heart and all my strength."
Sven Prevrhal
Heike´s proven Nr. 1 man & husband for over 20 years.

"If you're considering scheduling an EFT session with Heike, the following specifics on her approach and her abilities should encourage you greatly.
First off, her approach is very professional. She creates an office space that reflects her concern for your comfort. She settles in with a tangible intentness that reflects her focus on the task and client at hand. Her eye contact, active listening and open body language quickly establish a personal environment in which it feels okay to explore the confusion that's inside each of us.
Exploration itself is key to Heike's ability as a practitioner. She's very adept as she sorts the mix of situational emotions that you bring to the session with the utmost patience. Heike seeks for the core of your issues in a non-threatening, intuitive and productive manner. As someone who feels that the undetermined depth of one's issues is actually the epicenter of fear and reluctance for dealing with them, Heike provides excellent guidance to explore that unknown.
After counsel, once you begin the technique with Heike, that's when her intuition really shines. She responds to client body cues that suggest resistance or effectiveness, asks what resonates for you and moves you through the EFT progression with great deliberateness and confidence. I must also comment that she knows EXACTLY when to introduce a little humor, to keep your heart light and able to be open to the healing at hand.
The process of refining toward the essential issues and emotions driving all others remains central for Heike throughout the session. Once some of those essential issues are identified, she then shifts to an encouraging and committed coach figure that pushes for resolution with the emotions that are drawn forth... all the while checking dutifully on your consent and emotional safety.
She's committed and very giving in her practice. This fuels everything else; the professionalism, the exploratory curiosity, the powers of intuition, and her determination for results."
Zak, USA

"As Heike shares, she has been using EFT for years on herself and family with huge success before she even participated in trainings to become a practitioner of EFT. Right away, I felt very comfortable and knew I was in good hands.
Having used EFT on my own for years, but always wanting to experience being assisted by a practitioner (It WORKS but on my own I tend to forget to DO IT.) I felt from the start she knew exactly what she was doing and how to work out a program, or each session to fit my needs.
We've gone to some very core issues, and I always felt safe. I will continue to work with Heike as we "peel" the "onion" that is me, and will refer people with great confidence.
Thanks Heike!"
Yvonne, USA


We learned to hold back and shut off certain aspects of our Being to protect ourselves. These survival strategies served us - yet now limit our life energy and potential. For many years it has been my passion to restore the natural state through relating. Some years ago I wrote an article about  common survival strategies, "Tapping for People Pleaser" - to read it, click the link below:

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  • Do you long for more aliveness, relaxation and joy?
  • Ready to reclaim your energy?
  • Are you ready to re-connect deeper to yourself and start the Peace-Within Process?

It takes courage to reclaim the energy from places of darkness and isolation. It also takes courage, to fully allow the limitless Love that wants to move through us. I support you in connecting with places of disconnect. I support you in accessing your intuition and in trusting yourself and Life.

Are you ready to make peace and accept yourself with caring compassion?  To finally relax and stop running from and resisting parts of yourself? Breathe.

I am ready to cheer you along and passionately support your journey with my loving and clear presence and a variety of effective transformative techniques and tools  - you are not alone!