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Sacred Women Journeys With Heike & Hille

Source, Silence, Essence -opening

Being a woman - celebrating her, wild, fragile, powerful, vulnerable, joyous - authentic. Sacred. Embodiment of the Sacred Feminine. The Goddess - in us, through us.

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Heike & Hille




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Transformation - ready to fly?

- "Orgasm Unleashed" -

Selfempowerment for Goddesses

An Experiential Women Online-Sharing Circle around the practices from Eyal Matsliah´s book: "Orgasm Unleashed" 


 Please contact me directly for groups starting in both English and German!

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Welcome to the


A monthly global online Women Circle with Heike & Guests

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Hi, beloved Sisters!

Hille & Heike

Hille & Heike

We cannot wait to be with you in this online Women Circle and see it grow, connecting with all you ladies world-wide!

Let´s connect and transform together:

  • Transform the myths of perfection, scarcity, and shame to intimacy, abundance, and ecstatic embodiment.

  • Discover the unique gifts that live within you, helping you become more intimate, abundant, and ecstatic!

You will remember that you are:

  • Perfect in your imperfection.

  • Enough, fully resourced, and inherently abundant.

  • Encoded with the gift of ecstatic, blissful, erotic living!

We know that you will love the gems, rituals, and offerings we are ready to share with you …  to replenish your heart and soul. 


Hille Quelle, Priestress & Heike, Clarity & Truth